I’m Mr. Melanin, a 18 year old student living in Washington, D.C. and studying African Anthropology and Political Science with a minor in Journalism at Towson University. I’ve been blogging here for two years about college prep, wellness, and finding your melanin, yet somehow managed to make a actual paying job out of it! I have a huge passion for blogging and news in general, especially in the context of political and racial issues, and I hope to work for CNN or Vanity Fair as a writer or journalist in the near future. 


I’m a major extrovert, which is probably why blogging and YouTube became such a big hobby of mine. I love being in front of the camera and just talking until my mouth gets tired. 

I care a lot about keeping myself and others informed, and sharing with other experiences, and stories I have encountered over the years. This blog provides the exact platform for that. 

OUr black is limitless
— Mr. Melanin

I can spend days in bed watching documentaries on Netflix, and then go a whole week keeping myself so busy, I forget that Netflix exists. I like being active and keeping myself moving, but I’m a big advocate for self-care, self-worth, and prioritizing the importance of mental health.

MrMelanin is a channel and brand for and by black people. By providing witty commentary + discussions on current cultural topics that impact the black community. Join us as we start the conversation as to why OUR BLACK IS LIMITLESS.

Have any questions? email: askmelanin@gmail.com